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The Awards


Sommeliers Choice Awards has built an international reputation by benchmarking wines for on-premise channels. With world-class sommeliers and America’s most powerful wine buyers, the 6th edition of the wine competition is now open for wine entries. This is a unique opportunity to present your wines to America's top sommeliers.

Judging criteria

The judging panel of the Sommeliers Choice Awards will consist entirely of top sommeliers, master sommeliers, wine directors and on-premise buyers at U.S. restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs. The goal of the Sommeliers Choice Awards is simple: to provide on-premise buyers and sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list.

Scoring system

Each wine will be blind-tasted first for the food parability, typicity, quality and value score. Once the bling tasting is done, a packaging score will be given and judges will be able to assess the package. Entrants will be able to see a detailed score breakdown giving them clear feedback on how they did. A final individual judge score for each wine is calculated based on the below formula and an average of the panel is then taken to determine the final score. Each panel will include a master sommelier in the team as a chair.

Organized by Beverage Trade Network

Sommeliers Choice Awards is brought to you by Beverage Trade Network, renowned for its expertise in organising acclaimed events such as the London Wine Competition, International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show, and USA Trade Tasting. The winners of the Sommeliers Choice Awards will also be integrated and showcased in Beverage Trade Network's media platforms like Sommelier Business, Chicago Drinks Guide, San Francisco Drinks Guide, Los Angeles Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide and Beverage Trade Network.