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Here is the winning impact you will have when you win a medal at the Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Winning competitions is what determines your pace in this competitive world. And more so for such a competitive industry as wine & spirits. There are so many wine brands competing with each other for the front row seats on a wine shelf, where they are the first one visible to the customers. In such a scenario, winning a medal can act as one of your most powerful marketing tool as well as a selling point. 

You can use your winning medal stickers on your brand support tools also. Some of the best places to showcase your Sommeliers Choice Awards medal would be:

  • Brand Deck

  • Sell Sheet

  • Shelf Talkers

  • Case Cards

  • Bottle Neckers

Wine Marketing Tools

But wait, there's more that winning a medal at the Sommeliers Choice Awards can do for you. This is how a Sommeliers Choice Awards medal will help you in creating a classy impression on the wine market in USA:

1. Winners to get awareness among consumers in USA

Stories of winning brands featuring the winery, winemaker, and the brands shall be picked up by the editors at Los Angeles Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide, and Chicago Drinks Guide, invaluable resources for wine consumers in major cities in the USA, via the Beverage Trade Network.

2. Results to go to 50,000+ trade professionals in USA in the Beverage Trade Network community

News of your victory will reach the right ears, or should I say, the right eyes around the world via the Beverage Trade Network (BTN) community which consists of high-profile buyers who are on the look-out to add new wines to their profiles and portfolios.

3. Results will get press awareness among media partners of the Sommeliers Choice Awards and will be posted on BTN news, Sommelier Business, and Bevroute News

Our media partners, BTN, Sommelier Business, and BevRoute will provide extensive coverage in their press as well as social media. Let your wine brand shine in a global spotlight with year-long social media support, targeted for the American buyers of wine.

4. Results to go to 20,000+ Sommeliers and On-Premise Wine Buyers of USA

Yes, we will also be sending the results to around 20000+ Sommeliers in and around USA. We believe that the sommeliers are the real tastemakers and influencers when it comes to on-premise wine trends. A sommelier’s suggestion is highly valued by the restaurant and other on-premise customers.

5. Entrants to get customized Shelf-Talkers and Tasting Notes

This is a new feature that Sommeliers Choice Awards has launched, where all entrants will get the tasting notes and shelf talkers for their brands, written by the judges themselves, in a way that a Sommelier would talk to their customer.

6. Free first 1000 medal stickers added to your sticker order

On every winner’s first medal sticker purchase, other 1000 medal stickers will be added as a gift. These stickers are the mark of wine’s supreme quality.

7. Detailed Scores Feedback

Get to know how you scored in Food Parability, Typicity, Value, Quality, and Package.

8. Top 100 winners at SCA will be included in the Top 100 On-Premise wines list

The Top 100 On-Premise wines guide is a celebration of 100 top wines at the Sommeliers Choice Awards. Uniquely, the T100Wines are selected from votes made by top Sommeliers and On-Premise wine buyers of USA. The top two questions that sommeliers will be attempting to answer at the Sommeliers Choice Awards as they judge wines is: “Would we stock this?” and "Will the consumer buy the 2nd glass". 

9. Buyers and Sommeliers will see your package giving you great exposure

High profile buyers will take a look at your packaging too. The judging process consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1) Blind Tasting

Blind Tasting at Sommeliers Choice Awards

Each wine entry will be blind tasted to assess the wine's quality. The quality score will be marked out of 50. It will be a weighted average of the judges scores on the basis of quality, typicity, and food parability.

Phase 2) Price Score Review

Price Score Review at Sommeliers Choice Awards

The judges will give a value score out of 25 based on their assessment of how much the wine should be priced as, when compared to the quality. It's not necessary for a wine brand to be very cheap to recieve a good price score. This score basically judges how much value your wine brand provides to the customers for the value charged.

Phase 3) Packaging Review

Packaging Review at Sommeliers Choice Awards

The judges will see the packaging and give a score out of 25 based on how appealing it would be for the average wine buyer based on their industry knowledge. The parameters they would be evaluating on would include factors like appeal, clarity, uniqueness, and so on.

10. Global Digital Awareness All-Year-Round

Winners get year-round social media to support along with the press support from the Sommeliers Choice Awards as well as our media partners BTN News, Sommelier BusinessBevRouteLos Angeles Drinks Guide, New York Drinks Guide, and San Francisco Drinks Guide,

11. The certificate will be sent digitally 

Get your certificate delivered to you digitally. There are endless ways you can use those certificates and medals. Use them in your supply pitch to highlight your victory at one of the leading wine competitions around the world.

12. Results also get circulated to 2000+ wine importers and distributors in USA

If you’re a wine brand based outside USA, the Sommeliers Choice Awards is your gateway to the wine market in USA. Get your wine brand in a spotlight and shine in front of the leading on-premise buyers of USA.